Gtx 680 vs 7970 guru3d driver

The radeon hd 7970 and gtx 680 both push a 4800 x 900 resolution with ease when dx11 is switched off, and come decently close to providing playable frame rates with it on. The geforce gtx 680 is the fastest and most power efficient gpu weve ever built. Jan 31, 2011, radeon hd 6950 1gb vs geforce gtx 560 ti, guru3d. The one thing i dont understand in the article is why they have a 7970 with 3gb and a gtx 680 w 2gb, almost seems unfair. If you watched the video in hd you will see the fps in the top left of each screen. Based on 38,102 user benchmarks for the amd radeon r7 graphics and the nvidia gtx 680, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 636 gpus. Nvidia disabled a couple of shader processors and designed a more cost effective and smaller pcb. Amd now uses a boost feature, exactly similar to what nvidia is doing on the 670 680 cards. When i pay a huge amount of money for a high end graphic card at least i want a complete product, go for the hd7970. Nvidia tells us luxmark isnt a target for driver optimization and may never be. All games will run on the maximum settings smoothly.

The gtx 690 was averaging 42fps while the hd 7970 s were averaging 57fps. Amd is picking it up slowly and it clearly shows with the. The gtx 680 versus the hd 7970 was a classic confrontation that began in 2012 that we are now repeating 3 years later. Dat gebeurt ook, niet alleen betere, lees snellere drivers, maar ook. Discussion in frontpage news started by guru3d news, apr 3, 2012. Another cool set of graphs that i cannot recall where i saw currently was 7970 and 680 using launch drivers and todays drivers. It looks like 7970 on ln2 maxed out at 1800mhz core overclock results in a slightly higher 3dmark11 p score of 15035 vs 14912 and graphics score of 15334 vs 14957. May 27, 2012, gtx 680 sli vs hd 7970 cfx vs hd 7950 cfx, ocaholic.

New drivers often bring performance gains for individual games, but general. With the latest drivers the hd 7970 wins over gtx 680 in wide range of games. Based on 125,731 user benchmarks for the nvidia gtx 680 and the gtx 760, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 636 gpus. Compare all of that to the geforce gtx 680, which features a clock frequency of 1006 mhz and a gddr5 memory speed of 1502 mhz. Amd radeon hd 7970m compare nvidia geforce gtx 680m gpu. Amd radeon r9 280x compare nvidia geforce gtx 680 gpu. It uses a familiar gpu though, yes the very same gpu as the gtx 680. The 1060 has a tdp of 120 watts and its aftermarket variants are available right away alongside the reference founders edition. Aug 8, 2008, budget graphics card roundup, driverheaven. The gtx 680 has a 175 mhz higher core clock speed and the same number of texture mapping units as the hd 7970. The geforce gtx 680m was released less than a year after the radeon hd 7970m, and so they are likely to have similar driver support for optimizing performance when. Gtx 480 sli vs hd 7970 faceoff is here evga forums. Amd now uses a boost feature, exactly similar to what nvidia is doing on the 670680 cards. Im thinking of buying myself a new graphics card, either a evga gtx 680 ftw or a amd 7970 ghz.

It features 512 spus as well as 64 texture address units and 48 rops. Effective speed is adjusted by current prices to yield value for money. The 680, although a beast, is lacking in raw performance. For more information, visit whats new in driver development. By 2014, so many games became straight up unplayable because of driver or hardware reasons, even at the lowest settings, when the radeon equivalents were doing totally fine. I did a little chart with my awesome spreadsheet skills dont laugh. First impressions, the pcb seems to be 100% reference. And nvidia surround lets you game on three monitors from a single gpu. It features 1536 spus along with 128 texture address units and 32 rasterization operator units. The gtx 680 versus the hd 7970 was a classic confrontation that began in. In this article we benchmark grand theft auto v gtav on the pc many graphics cards are being tested and benchmarked. Nvidia geforce gtx 970 4gb compare nvidia geforce gtx 680.

Nvidia geforce gtx 760 compare nvidia geforce gtx 680 gpu. Gtx 680 vs amd 7970 gpu war round 1 unigine heaven. The geforce gtx 680 was released less than a year after the radeon hd 7970, and so they are likely to have similar driver support for optimizing performance when running the latest games. The gtx 680 has a 6 mhz higher core clock speed and 432 more texture mapping units than the radeon hd 7870. Of course the hd 7970 will be faster in some cases. This week a 7970 soc model already launched, but that sku only has a. Geforce gtx 680 vs radeon hd 7970 hardware compare. The gddr5 memory runs at a frequency of 1502 mhz on this particular card. We have a look at dx11 performance with the newest graphics cards and techn. I swapped to a 280x and bam, everything was fine for several years. Overall there is no doubt the 7970 is a better bang for the buck. It follows last months release of the higher end gtx 1070 and 1080.

For whatever reason gtx 680 has a 15fps lead in gt1 but loses by 10fps in gt4, with the other tests being very close. Hd 7970 is faster than gtx 680 even at slower clocks in heaven 3. I mainly play games like battlefield 3, counter strike and skyrim. The geforce gtx 770 is nvidias a top of the line graphics card based. Another iracing community member has made an extensive comparison between the 680 gtx and the ati 7970, and the 7970 is on average almost 70%. Compared to previousgeneration cards, we see over 30% performance per. The 7970 is much more powerful than the 680 but lacks in the department of drivers. Amd now uses a boost feature, exactly similar to what nvidia is doing on the 670 680. The testbed consisted of an extremecooled intel core i73960x extreme edition processor running at stock frequency, asus rampage iv extreme motherboard, 8 gb 4x 2 gb geil evo 2 ddr32200 mhz quadchannel memory, corsair ax1200w psu, and. The product is called ghz edition though even a little more.

Discussion in graphics cards started by coughs, mar 27, 2012. The gtx 680 is cheaper, more power efficient and quieter than the hd 7970, and in. I swore never to buy nvidia after my laptop gpu gave me tons of problems several years back. Amd radeon hd 7870 compare nvidia geforce gtx 680 quad. To confirm the type of system you have, locate driver type under the system information menu in the nvidia control panel. Theyre comparing a gtx 690 vs two hd 7970 s at 2560x1600. Geforce gtx 690, geforce gtx 680, geforce gtx 670, geforce gtx 660 ti, geforce gtx 660, geforce gtx 650 ti boost, geforce gtx 650 ti, geforce gtx 650, geforce gtx 645, geforce gt 640, geforce gt.

Looking at realworld performance, the 670 overclocked or stock beats out the 7970 in every game test except one, which was slighted for amd anyways. Our figures are checked against thousands of individual user ratings. With the release of this respin amd will be in a better position compared to the current nvidia stack. Looking closely you can see the 7970 s were stuttering as well. Amd radeon hd 7970 directcu ii edition compare nvidia. Intro the geforce gtx 580 has core speeds of 772 mhz on the gpu, and 1002 mhz on the 1536 mb of gddr5 memory.

The 7970 280x was probably one of the best gpus ever made. Compared to the geforce, though, the radeon isnt doing so well. Graphics card rankings price vs performance may 2020 gpu rankings we calculate effective 3d speed which estimates gaming performance for the top 12 games. The gtx 1060 is nvidias third 16 nm pascal based gpu. Also dont forget the most important thing of all is the drivers. The geforce gtx 680 soc super overclock from gigabyte has arrived here on the guru3d testinggrounds. Gpu boost dynamically boosts clock speed for extra performance. We put the 925 mhz 7970 to the test against the 1 ghz 680 to find out which you. After watching its radeon hd 7970 get outperformed first by nvidias geforce gtx 680, and then its 670, amd is striking back with higher clocks and a new driver that hits the afterburners in. Geforce gtx 580 vs geforce gtx 680 hardware compare.

High oc and more memory bandwidth the hd 7970 was slightly faster than a gtx 680 on the newer drivers from amd. More notably, the gtx 680 trails the gtx 580 by a mileand the radeon hd 7970 by several. Whql certified windows hardware quality labs testing or whql testing is a testing process which involves. The customizable table below combines these factors to bring you the definitive. Dont get me wrong the ggtx 660 is awesome for the price range its in but face it the 7970 has 3gb of memory with a lot better bandwidth, ocs like the clappers and in reality will run rings around the gtx660. Amd radeon hd 7970 compare nvidia geforce gtx 680 gpu. The 7970 is the best single gpu card except the titan by far if you compare it using the newest 12. My 7970 runs really well and maxes pretty much everything besides crysis 3. I realized that guru3d uses same hardware and same settings for their benchmarks. Geforce gtx 680 was the fastest single gpu of the world until radeon hd 7970 ghz edition was released. I think the 9xxx series should have better launch drivers as its not a new architecture. Nice,6gb is alotas soon as they make the drivers as good as nvdias regardingevery single game that you play than i may buy one.

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