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I thought about shooting it off the deck one fourth of july but it was very dry and i was afraid it would spew burning bits of paper and start a fire. From american rifleman tv on the outdoor channel, jim supica evaluates a muzzle loading blunderbuss. Blunderbuss definition is a muzzleloading firearm with a short barrel and flaring muzzle to facilitate loading. There are many myths about blunderbuss and thanksgiving. Louth was equipped in 1941 with a number of flintlock weapons that had been gifted to them. First, take into consideration the purpose of the blunderbuss to propel a large amount of shot or other small projectiles in a relatively wide horizontal arc while limiting vertical spread.

Mid17th century spanish colonial miqueletlock blunderbuss singleshot muzzleloading black powder shot ammunition originating in spain circa 1670, this blunderbuss was later repaired in vera cruz or mexico city, where native americans had been trained to refurbish firearms. Blunderbuss owned by chief red shirt of the indian wars. I have other rules that make guns more viable, on top of running commonplace guns, mostly to do with reducing the impact and likelihood of misfires added a misfire confirmation mechanic and. According to eunan ohalpins book defending ireland, a local defence force unit of the irish army in co. Blunderbuss internet movie firearms database guns in. Sportsmans guide blunderbuss takes a georgia turkey. Some blunderbuss were made with soft brass barrels even a steel ramrod would scratch the bore so nail, glass and rocks were not supposed to be used. The blunderbuss, which takes its name from the german term donderbuschse thunder gun is a shortbarreled firearm with a flared muzzle that made its. The traditions kit would have a decent lock and trigger i have handled and shot a number of traditions other muzzle loaders. The name blunderbuss is probably derived from the german donnerbusche which means thunder gun.

The blunderbuss was more like a hand held cannon than a rifle. Topography of a novel by blunderbuss magazine books. As for pvp, a blunderbuss is perfect for stopping aggressive players in their tracks, while the pistol or evelyn in this case is great for stopping runners and healers. Search results for blunderbuss gun stock photos and images 469 page 1 of 5. It ranged in size from 14 to about 30 inches some blunderbuss were actually large bore pistols but most had at least a small shoulder stock. The term firearm means 1 a shotgun having a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length. The blunderbuss is a firearm with a short, large caliber barrel which is flared at the muzzle and frequently throughout the entire bore, and used with shot and other projectiles of relevant quantity or caliber. This page is to help our regular clients find out about specials, events and new products available. Blunderbuss 20 antique guns that fetched big bucks.

It is generally agreed that the name comes from two german words donder and busche combined to describe a thunder gun. Trigger guard the trigger guard is a fixed ring set around the exposed parts of a trigger lever. Click on the ibooks image to order book over the past year my work with a. He owns the guns of history museum, and authored the book documenting the weapons used at the little big horn. The blunderbuss is a muzzleloading firearm with a short, large caliber barrel, which is flared. However, the lore and legend of the blunderbuss keeps the imagery of the gun alive in film, books and in the hearts of collectors, as reproductions of the pirates gun are frequently seen in films and shows depicting 18th century raiders, and. Both the stock and furniture of this blunderbuss bear pagan motifs with sexual overtones. Many modern guns rely on a doubleaction trigger meaning the simple act of pulling the trigger causes the hammerstriker to be cocked and released in one action. The name is appropriate as the wider muzzle would also act like a. Contrary to popular belief and depictions in cartoons, the flared muzzle is not to allow the weapon to be filled with shrapnel and junk instead of shot. Among these guns was a weapon described as being a ninefoot long blunderbuss, which could be more commonly understood to be a punt gun. Trigger the trigger is the lever used to manage the firing function of the weapon. Blunderbuss is a little more suited for general pve, on the other hand, a pistol does more focused damage against bosses.

Myths of the blunderbuss american society of arms collectors. The dutch invented the blunderbuss in the 16th century. National rifle association pertaining to the blunderbuss. I have black powder but i never fired the blunderbuss.

The blunderbuss is commonly considered to be an early predecessor of the modern shotgun, with similar military and defensive use. The blunderbuss is a firearm with a short, large caliber barrel which is flared at the muzzle and. Every book has its own texture, materiality, and topography. Blunderbuss internet movie firearms database guns in movies. Original british brass barrel coaching flintlock blunderbuss by durs egg with folding bayonet c. The blunderbuss from dutch donderbus roughly translated as thunder pipe was an early shotgun, a muzzleloading firearm with a large caliber, short barrel compared to a period long rifle, flared at the muzzle.

Original 18th century british naval flintlock brass barrel blunderbuss by joseph farmer dated 1744. A blunderbuss english gun on display in the flynt center of early new england life, historic deerfield, franklin county, ma, united states. Before there was a shotgun, there was this blunderbuss, which has a flared barrel, sort of like a horn or bell, to spread the scattershot. Blunderbuss story 30 years ago or so i had gone to the range. Blunderbuss magazine asks writers to deconstruct their work by selecting and. What is the closest modern weapon to a blunderbuss gun. So while blunderbuss is the first album with the words jack white on the spine, its not exactly a great unveiling. Indeed, it often seems that fiction has overwhelmed the facts. The gun is a ranged weapon typically designed to pneumatically discharge solid projectiles but can also be liquid as in water gunscannons and projected water disruptors or even charged particles as in a plasma gun and may be freeflying.

For more gun evaluations from the nra national firearms. Among the firearms commonly associated with the early colonists was the germanmade blunderbuss, an early version of the shotgun that featured a flared muzzle and a broad opening at the top, which. The flaring was intended to scatter the shot at very close range, an effect that later scientific experiments showed did not. Often associated with the pilgrims, the blunderbuss was still relatively unknown in the early 17th century. Every time he woud shoot there was a lot of dust around the can and a strange cackle or giggle from him. Yesterdays weapons forums view topic gun of the week. Original british naval flintlock blunderbuss swivel gun circa 1780. There was an old guy there shooting at a coffee can on the ground with a blunderbuss. This austrian replica blunderbuss offers a unique grip, engraved facial image on the pan and is inscribed with the year 1760 on the brass barrel.

It was effective only at short range, lacking accuracy. The blunderbuss could be loaded with various scraps, rocks, or wood, although this would result in damage. Blunderbuss, short, muzzleloading shoulder weapon, usually a flintlock, with a wide smooth bore flared at the muzzle to a maximum width of about 4 inches 10. Blunderbuss, short, muzzleloading shoulder weapon, usually a flintlock, with a wide smooth bore flared at the muzzle to a maximum width of about 4 inches 10 centimetres. This started with putting the gun together, initial shooting, taping on a conglomeration of cardboard and tape. Antique blunderbuss for sale international military antiques. A flintlock blunderbuss pistol replica accompanied by a gun illustration coffee table book. Is the blunderbuss really designed as a weapon of defence using whatever.

I have this old gun blunderbuss gun valuation youtube. Blunderbuss definition of blunderbuss by merriamwebster. The casebook of sherlock holmes, seen in gibsons guns collection. A coloring book from the cody firearms museum museum minute. Griffin and tow muzzleloading flintlock blunderbuss the blunderbuss, which takes its name from the german term donderbuschse thunder gun is a shortbarreled firearm with a flared muzzle that made its appearance in the late 16th century. It was released through digital download on april 20, 2012 and in compact disc and vinyl editions on april 23. The sitting fox 4 bore blunderbuss features a custom rayl 20 octagon to round flared barrel in 4 ga. The blunderbuss up close or in confined spaces was devastating. Blunderbusses could have most types of period lockwork, and snaplock, matchlock.

The illustrated book of guns edited by david miller. How effective were blunderbusses and how do they compare. They supplied all manner of odd barrels, locks, triggers, guards, etc,probably still do back in the 60s and 70s. The blunderbuss was considered a poor mans shotgun.

The flaring was intended to scatter the shot at very close range, an effect. Flintlock blunderbuss pistol replica and illustrated book. The blunderbuss born of the dutch word donderbus, appropriately meaning thunder pipe or thunder gun came to prominence in the early part of the 18th century 17011800 and was more akin to the modern day shotgun. The bell mouthed gun associated with highwaymen and pirates had its origin in the 16th century, it was. Definitions for the purpose of this chapter a firearm. Id guess from the pics it was a project gun made from parts from a source such as dixie gun works or one of the other antique gun parts dealers around then. Many types of ammunition, including gravel and sand, could be shot in a pinch, but most. Blunderbuss gun and sport alberton, gauteng sports.

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