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Vocaloid2 and v1 voice library volume download vocakey. Vocaloidutau songs that i love september 12, 2019 september, 2019 peachyp demo notes. Her neutral voice is appealing in various ways, from the boyish strength in the mid to high tones, to the sorrowful, fleeting, and sad low tones. See more ideas about vocaloid, hatsune miku and diva. Fire flower hatsune miku expo in new york 2014 eng. Fire flower, vocaloid original songs, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,video game music,game music,music game. Fire flower sheet music for piano download free in pdf.

It was uploaded to youtube and piapro on august 3, 2008. Travel for lights last version chinese girl project. Kagamine len fire flower by vocaloid hear the worlds sounds. Anime lyrics dot com fire flower vocaloid original. If i ever get the chance to get a better microphone then i really want to record a vcv. I covered fire flower again to show how much more of an improvement there is compared to her last voicebank. Supports vocal changes hatsune mikukagamine rinkagamine len. It is one halyosys most notable songs and one of lens early hits. It was to be released in europe at the same time, but instead released one week later, on september 4, 20 as a digital download only title. Fire flower tells a story about a boy who describes his love for a girl, presumably in the summerin a summer festival.

Enjoy the full soundcloud experience with our free app. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license. The vocaloid4 library v4 flower is a vocaloid specialized for rock amongst a wide range of music genres. Like a fire flower is a metaphor to his love for the girl.

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